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Learning to drive is an important life skill. If the time has come to get behind the wheel for the first time, let Zillmere Driving School settle your nerves and improve your confidence.

We specialise in teaching learner drivers of all ages – especially those who are particularly nervous. We have more than 50 years of experience in the industry and have therefore honed our skills to ensure we deliver easy to understand, effective driving tuition. Clients can choose between a male or female instructor, and are able to offer lessons in both automatic and manual cars depending on your preference. Our instructors are patient; we know that learning to drive can be scary and we therefore strive to ensure it’s as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

Which areas do we service?

Zillmere Driving School is located in northern Brisbane; therefore, we are able to provide lessons to those who reside in the northern suburbs.

If you are looking for Zillmere Driving School, you’re in luck – we serve this suburb, as well as surrounding suburbs such as Aspley, Geebung and Chermside. We can travel as far south as Nudgee and as far north as Deception Bay.

Road conditions

As a learner driver, it’s crucial that you gain experience driving in a wide range of varying conditions.

You need to ensure you’ve practiced on roads that are busy and quiet; straight and windy; wide and narrow; and fast and slow. Drive through industrial estates, tackle freeways, traverse country roads and try and gain some inner city driving experience – it’s all about becoming a better driver. It’s also important you drive in varying weather conditions. Remember, driving in the wet is a whole skill in itself!

Lastly, ensure you gain experience driving at night as well as during the day. Night driving is different, as you have a myriad of different lights to contend with – and it’s also far harder to see potential hazards such as pedestrians. Before you book in for your driving test with Transport and Main Roads, you will need to have accumulated at least 10 hours of night driving if you are under 25 years of age.

Traffic controls

When driving, you need to be familiar with the road signs and other traffic controls you may come across.

Always give way at give way signs; slow down and check to see what the traffic is doing and make a decision nice and early if you need to stop. When it comes to stop signs, you must do just that: stop. In the driving test, your car will need to be stationary for at least 3 seconds at a stop sign – and this is a good rule to follow at all times when driving.

Roundabouts vary in terms of complexity. Start with quiet, single lane roundabouts before you progress to busy, dual lane roundabouts. Even the most experienced drivers find some roundabouts daunting, especially when there are multiple lanes, traffic lights and various different signs thrown in the mix! The main thing to remember with complex, dual lane roundabouts is to stay in your lane – do not change lanes within the roundabout, even if you suddenly realise you’re in the wrong one. You can always turn around and backtrack; it’s better than having an accident!

Get in touch

The Queensland drivers test is harder than ever before – however it’s certainly passable if you have enough experience behind the wheel. As one of the top driving schools in Zillmere and surrounds, we can help you to prepare for your test – ensuring you pass with flying colours!

If you have your learners permit and are ready to commence lessons, get in touch with our friendly instructors today on 0407 189 833. If you would like to know more about Queensland’s road rules, take a look at this useful link.

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