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Nervous Learners are OUR Specialty.

We have been teaching learners in Brisbane for over 50 years.
You can find out more from Universal Driving School Links about the
Transport and Main Roads offices where the learners have to go for driving tests.

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Learn more about Queensland road rules.

Get your leaners license.


Tough new road test for learners in Queensland from 29th. June 2015.
Click here: Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

QSafe give us the rules and guide lines for the driving test.
Universal Driving School Links has the following helpful information
on how to teach good driving skills where the driver takes
every possible measure to prevent an accident.
Our students will learn the skills for them to become
very good drivers for the rest of their lives.
Universal Driving School is a member of the Driver Trainers Association of Queensland.
We are also a member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association.

Universal Driving School Links

Learning to Drive – Driving Lessons and Advice
Universal Driving School Links
  1. How many driving lessons do I need?
    To start with Professional driving lessons is the best way. We are one of the most experienced Driving Schools in Brisbane. If you are learning in an Automatic car, will need about 8-10 lessons. Learning in a Manual car, about 10-12 lessons. It depends on how much practice you get with your Parents between lessons. If you are not sure how many lessons you need, please feel free to contact one of our friendly office staff.
  2. When should I take lessons?
    It is best to take a few professional Driving lessons before practising with Mum and Dad, to develop correct and safe driving skills. The best time to take lessons is when your mind is fresh. You need to be able to concentrate on the road, not when you are tired. Being tired will affect your performance and your concentration. For example – the day before a major exam is not a good time to do a driving lesson.
  3. Should I learn with my parents?
    Yes, if they are willing to take you out. Your parents are the best people to help you get your 100 hours of practise. Learning to drive, whether with our Driving School Boondall or your parents, is about becoming familiar with the car and our roads. You need to get as much practise as possible in a safe environment. Certainly practise with your parents, but be careful to avoid difficult situations which could cause problems. For example – A brand new Learner is not ready to drive home from school.