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Some Practical Points before Starting Off:

Make sure that your seat is set correctly, with the right distance between your chest and the steering wheel.[Your driving Instructor will show you how to set it]. Set your rear vision mirror to suit yourself and check that the side mirrors are set for you as well. Don’t forget to put your seat belt on before you start the car. Your Instructor will then show you how to do a shoulder check before you move off. Your Instructor will also take you to a quiet area for your first lesson.

The correct procedure to follow before you go anywhere in your car
from Universal Driving School Brisbane Wide Blog:
The dash lights must be checked every time you start the engine.
Hold your steering wheel level, above the halfway mark.
Check over your right shoulder for traffic, then accelerate smoothly.
When using your brakes, practice smooth stopping.
Adjust brake pressure according to the road.
Always take the whole picture into consideration when driving.
Don’t assume that other drivers do the right thing — they don’t.
Always be aware of drivers behind you as well as beside you.
Before changing lanes, indicate FIRST to let other drivers know
that you want to change lanes.
Do a shoulder check first before you move into another lane.
When entering onto the freeway, accelerate to 90km + before merging.

Helpful Hints from Universal Driving School Brisbane Wide Blog for Lane Changing:

Treat each lane as a road on it’s own. Check mirrors. If all is clear, indicate for a full 30 metres before moving towards the lane. Re-check mirrors and do a shoulder check for blind spots. If all is clear, drift easily across to the lane. When driving in marked lanes, use the left lane where you can. If you are driving on a 6 lane road you may use the middle lane. Keep your eyes moving and looking arround, and don’t allow your eyes to fix on any object for more than 2 seconds.
You may lose points in your driving test if you do the following:
+You stop any drivers progress when you change lanes.
+You don’t indicate 30 metres before moving into the lane.
+You don’t keep the car entirely within one lane.
+You get too close to parked cars in the left lane.
Having Driving Lessons with US can help.

Universal Driving School Brisbane Wide Blog

Learn more about Get your Learners License.

Universal Driving School – Nervous Learners OUR Specialty
Universal Driving School have been teaching learners for more than 50 years.
We are one of the oldest and most respected driving schools in Brisbane.
We have male and female instructors with manual and automatic cars.

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learn more about Queensland Road Rules.


Tough New Driving Test: Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

Universal Driving School Brisbane Wide Blog


Universal Driving School Brisbane Wide Blog

Your child has now reached the age where they can learn to drive!! How do you feel about that? Anxious? Worried? Nervous? At Universal Driving School Stafford, we know just how you feel. As parents, seeing our children driving is something we would like to delay for as long as possible.

Our teenagers however, usually can’t wait to get on the road, can they? It is normal for us to be anxious about this new and exciting time in our children’s lives.

Professional Driving School Trains Learners to Drive Responsibly and Safely

At the Universal Driving School Brisbane’s Blog, our task is to make sure that OUR students learn to drive responsibly and safely with one of our professional Driving School Instructors. It is possible you may be passing bad habits on to your Learner Driver. Do you pay close attention to your driving at all times?
Helpful information from Universal Driving School Brisbane Wide Blog.

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