Congratulations Amy from Bracken Ridge

You passed your driving test. You have done well. I’m not surprised because you progressed each time I gave you a practice test using the sheet that the Driving Examiners use. I want to Thank you for your Testimonial at this point.
You remembered the method I taught you when we came to do a Hill Start. It makes it so easy when your driving Instructor explains this in simple terms and demonstrates how to do it as well. It will probably be a Fail in the Driving Test if the car rolls back at all.

Congratulations Bridget from Kallangur.

Thank you so much for helping me get my P’s. The thing I noticed about David is that you made me feel very relaxed on my 1st. lesson. I was very nervous and did’t know what to expect. You were so patent with me. With your help,I was able to change lanes in heavy traffic qute comfortably and confidently. The same when approaching Roundabouts, when to use my indicator if going straight ahead. Thanks for all your help.

Congratulations Tanisha from Mango Hill.

During my 1st lesson with David, I felt so relaxed and calm, I could not believe it after an unhappy experience with my previous driving school. David was so patent that I was very happy to stay with him right up to the point when I got my P’s 1st.time.
David gave me some easy points to remember when doing a reversing exersise. He also taught me how to do a U turn at the end of a street without hitting the kerb in front. Thank you so much for everything. i would recommend anyone to Universal Driving School.

Congratulations Itzel from Redcliffe.

My instructor David taught me how to do a reverse park in 3 easy steps and I was able to do it Ok in my driving test. He also gave me 2 steps when I need to do a hill start. It was so easy when I followed the [Method] as he called it. Also my turn a round [the old 3 point turn] was a little more difficult than I thought, But David showed me some easy points to remember when doing this one as well. What helped a lot was that he demonstrated the turn a round first.
I now have my P’s and I’m very happy. Thank you so much for being patent with ne. I will certainly recommend Universal to my friends.

Congratulations Eileen from Fitzgibbon

I was so happy when I passed my driving test with David and got my P’s FIRST time with NO mistakes at all. I just could’nt believe it. He taught me how to do a U turn at a street on the right and what to line up with my shoulder before I made the U turn. David demonstrated it first and showed me in 3 easy steps so that I finished in the right place ready to turn left. He also showed me where to stop when I was at a red light, and what to line up so I did’t go over the line. it was so simple and easy, something I will always remember.I will certainly recommend David at Universal to all my friends. He was such a great help to me. I still can’t believe I passed my driving test first time with NO mistakes, Yes Yes!!

Congratulations Christina form Carseldine

I was very nervous before my 1st. ever driving lesson with Universal, I did’nt know what to expect. David my instructor was so patent with me and I could’nt believe how relaxed I was. When your driving instructor makes you feel relaxed and calm, you learn quicker and remember what you are leaning.
David said to me ” All I want you to do to start with is to steer and use the indicator, I will use the peddles myself is that OK?” I said ” YES that’s fine with me.” I was so relieved and I really enjoyed me Very 1st. driving lesson. I continued with him right up till I got my P’s.First time as well. Thank David you for everything. I will recommend you to my friends.

Congratulations Rachel from Chermside West

I was looking on Google Driving Lessons Chermside and saw that Universal specialised in teaching Nervous Learners. I thought ” That’s me” I was so nervous before my lesson, not knowing what to expect. When my instructor arrived, he made me feel relaxed and calmed me down by saying that he just wanted me to steer and use the indicator while he operated the break and accelerator to start with and we will see how we go. I thought that was a very good plan. He was so patent with me I could’nt believe that I actually enjoyed my 1st. ever driving lesson. I even looked forward to my 2nd.lesson and continued with nim up till I got my P’s. Thank you so much Universal Driving School you were great !!. I will recommend you to my friends.