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Nervous Learners are OUR Specialty

Taigum Driving School can be found on your mobile phone. If you would like to have some driving lessons with Taigum Driving School , just give us a call on 0407 189 833 or 1300 138 704 and one of our friendly staff will organise some driving lessons for you with one of our experienced male or female driving Instructors. We will pick you up from school or home or even from where you work if it is close to your home.

Friendly Driving Instructors

Our friendly staff and instructors at Taigum Driving School  will make sure you are happy at the end of your first lesson and every lesson. They are there to help you become a good driver and give you the skills to keep yourself safe on the road. We recommend that you go driving with someone with an Open drivers license to build up your confidence on the road.
We have other learners like yourself having driving lessons with us at the moment and are doing well with their lessons. We teach Manual and Automatic and our cars have Dual Control and are Air conditioned as well.

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Learn more about Queensland road rules.

Tough Driving Test Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

Taigum Driving School

Some Practical Points before Starting Off:

Make sure that your seat is adjusted correctly, with the right distance between your chest and the steering wheel.[Your driving Instructor will show you how to set it]. Set your rear vision mirror to suit yourself and check that the side mirrors are set for you as well. Don’t forget to put your seat belt on before you start the car. Your Instructor will then show you how to do a shoulder check before you move off. Your Instructor will also take you to a quiet area for your first lesson.

So!! Give US a call and book your First driving lesson

0407 189 833

Taigum Driving School