Strathpine Driving School

Strathpine Driving School

Learning to drive is an important life skill. Strathpine Driving School can help you to become a competent driver before you take to the road solo is essential both for your safety and that of others.

Strathpine Driving School has instructors who will teach you the skills needed to become a safe, confident and considerate road user. With more than 50 years of experience teaching people to drive across Brisbane, we know a thing or two about road rules, handling heavy traffic and performing low speed maneuvers such as the dreaded reverse parallel park.

Over the years, Strathpine Driving School have taught a broad range of people – from students just starting out, through to mature age drivers who are going for their licence for the first time. Nervous drivers are our speciality; we understand that driving for the first time can be daunting. Our instructors will help you feel relaxed and confident behind the wheel, ensuring your first drive is a positive experience.

Today, the practical driving test is more challenging than ever before. In years gone by, the test was far simpler and often only required drivers to perform a lap of the block. The modern test is undeniably challenging; you must be proficient at driving in heavy traffic and have no issues performing low speed manoeuvres such as reverse parallel parks, three point turns (called a ‘turn around’ now) and hill starts (manual).

If you have your learners permit and are ready to get behind the wheel, look no further than the instructors at Strathpine Driving School. Strathpine Driving Schools IS one of the leading driving schools in the surrounding areas, we can help you prepare for your licence test and get your P’s.

What areas do we serve?

Strathpine Driving School serves Brisbane’s northern suburbs. From Nudgee all the way up to Deception Bay, we can provide convenient, affordable lessons. Other suburbs we serve include Redcliffe, Petrie, Chermside and Aspley, all the way down to Kedron and Eagle Junction.

If you are located in Brisbane’s north be sure to give us a call – we probably conduct lessons in your area!

Driving tips

Driving is something that you only master through practice; it’s a literal case of practice makes perfect. However even once you’ve mastered the skills necessary to drive alone, you still need to keep your mind on the road at all times!

Keep a safe braking distance at all times. Even when you are doing just 48 km/hr, it can take up to 13 metres to stop a regular car. If your tyres are under inflated or the road is slippery and wet, then the stopping distance is often greater. It’s important that you always maintain a safe gap between you and the car in front; a minimum gap of two seconds is widely accepted, as this allows for a greater amount of space when travelling at higher speeds.

Always check your blinds spots. Even though all cars have reverse mirrors, there is always a portion of space alongside your vehicle that is hard to see without physically turning your head to look. This is called your ‘blind spot’ and it’s critical to ensure you always perform a ‘head check’ prior to turning or changing lanes.

Scan the road. When driving, you need to do far more than watch the car in front. In a perfect world, everyone else would drive carefully – but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Always scan ahead and around your vehicle, as this can help to anticipate potential accidents before they happen.

Plan where you are going. For inexperienced drivers in particular, it pays to plan ahead. If you know your route and give yourself plenty of time to get there, you can slow down and focus on the road – rather than stressing about where to turn or how late you’re going to be.

Drive to the conditions. It’s important to ensure you gain plenty of experience driving in a wide array of weather conditions. It’s also critical that you adjust your driving to suit the prevailing conditions, whether you’re dealing with wind, rain, glare, gravel, or reduced visibility caused by mist and fog.

Take care on country roads. Sure, there is less traffic and plenty of space – but country roads present their own hazards and can be dangerous if you’re not paying attention. Look out for kangaroos and other animals, pot holes, large trucks, rough edges and sharp turns; heed any warning signs and slow down if you spot a potential hazard.

Contact our instructors today!

If you are searching for a driving school that serves Strathpine and the surrounding areas, be sure to give Strathpine Driving School a call today. We can organise a lesson at a time that suits your schedule – and our prices are very affordable!