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If you are looking for Stafford Driving School give us a call. We can help you to become a confident and good driver. When having lessons with our professional experienced Driving Instructors at Driving School Stafford, you will be taught practical driving skills to keep yourself safe on the road. They will also point out things that the Transport and Main Roads Driving Examiner will ask you when you go for your P’s.

Queensland Road Rules {Q-Safe}

Q-SAFE tests your ability to drive safely and correctly in different driving situations. This may include a variety of speed. You will be asked to do different things in your driving test. You will be given clear directions in enough time to do them.
If the examiner does not give you any specific directions,just follow the road and be guided by road signs,signals and road markings.

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Learn more about Queensland road rules.

Tough Driving Test Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

Hints for your driving Test

You will be expected to perform the driving tasks only when the conditions are safe and in accordance with the road rules.
If you have a mobile phone, switch it off for the during the test.
You will need to change lanes when you are asked to do so and follow his directions.
The driving examiner won’t ask you to do anything that are illegal in your driving test.
If you see the examiner writing the report form during the test, don’t think that you have failed.
If your car is fitted with blind spot mirrors you are still need to do a shoulder check to make sure that there are no cars in the blind spot.

When the test starts, the examiner won’t answer any questions that may influence your driving ability.

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Stafford Driving School