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We have been giving young people driving lessons for many years, in fact since 1963. Universal Driving School is one of the oldest and most trusted driving schools in Brisbane, working with redcliffe Driving School. We provide lessons in both manual and automatic cars witch all have dual control for your security and air condition for your comfort.

We start from the beginning and take you right through to the point where you are READY to get your P’s. Perhaps you feel that you are ready for your driving test already.

Well!! here are some handy hints to help you pass your test:

The driving test is an exam and you need to get almost no mistakes to pass and get your drivers license. Many tests are failed by not doing what is needed. Some of the skills you need are listed here:
* Practice your scanning and use that to check your position on the road, and your speed, as well as the correct gear for the speed [Manual only].
* Hill starts, turn-arounds [the old 3 point turn] which you can do in 5 movements and reverse parks should be broken down into easy steps. Thinking a little about each one first can help you.

Three FAIL Items on your Driving Test

Red Light and Stop Signs
Failing to STOP BEHIND the solid white line at a Red Light.
Failing to STOP for 3 seconds at Stop Sign.

Exceeds the Speed Limit

It could be a Fail if you are over by 1KM.{New Rule}

Safety Margins

Traveling TOO close to the car in front
Passing Parked cars less than 1.5Mt. away

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: Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

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