Practical Driving Test

Practical Driving Test

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Here is some very useful information about the Practical Driving Test at any of the Transport and Main Roads offices in Queensland.

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New Tougher Test. Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

  • When can I go for my P’s?
    You must be at least 17 and have held your Learner’s License for 12 months continuously(without any infringements or suspensions) before you can go for your P’s. (After you post your Logbook, you can make the booking for your Practical Driving Test – allow at least four weeks from the date of posting your Logbook to your Test)
  • How much does it cost to go for my Practical Driving Test?
    There is a booking fee to be paid to TMR at the time of booking your Practical Driving Test. If you use one of our Driving School cars, there is an extra cost involved. We allow 2 ½ hours of the Instructors time and use of his car. This also includes a warm-up lesson, Test, time to get your License and transport back home. Please contact us on 0407 189 833 for details, as well as Frequently Asked Questions for Parents.
  • What happens if I fail my Test?
    If you do fail your Practical Driving Test first time, don’t be too disappointed. You may have been a bit nervous and that is normal. Try not to think about your mistakes but think positive for the next time. You can go for your P’s as many times as it takes to pass. The cost is the same each time. We strongly advise that you have some lessons with one of our professional driving school instructors. This will increase your chances of Passing next time and getting your P’s.
    Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. There is lots of helpful information about the Practical Driving Test that you could be interested in. If we can help you further, then call one of our friendly staff at our office on 

    0407 189 833

    Book a lesson with US for MORE Practical Driving Test Information

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