Nervous Learners are OUR Specialty

At Petrie Driving School Our students are the most important people in our Driving School. We aim to make learning to drive as pleasant as possible, and to help you to become a safe, competent driver.

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At Petrie Driving School

your Instructor will check your driving ability, make a note of it and go on from there. At the start of each lesson, your Instructor will let you know what you will be going on your lesson. Afterwards he will let you know how you went, mark your progress sheet and let you know what you will be doing on your next lesson.
We recommend that you practice with Mum or Dad between lessons if possibly, to reduce the number of paid lessons you will need and to help you become a good safe driver.
Ask your Instructor how many lessons he thinks you may need to be ready to go for your P’s.

About your Driving Test

Queensland Transport and Main Roads have a Driving Examiner who will take you on your Driving Test.
Your Instructor at Petrie Driving Schoolwill explain how each item on the progress sheet is marked by the Driving Examiner on your driving test.
Do’nt think that because your friend did not do something on their test like a reverse park, you wont. The Driving Examiner has certain points that he MUST test you on . Not ALL items are covered on every test.

A Tougher Test

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Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

We want you to enjoy your driving lessons, so you do’nt want anything that distracts you from your lessons. If you have any questions no matter how silly it might seem, talk to your driving Instructor or call our office at Petrie Driving School for any help you might need.

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