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Hints to help pass your driving test

At Nundah Driving School we are passionate about providing good and accurate information for you as a new learner to be able to PASS your driving test FIRST time.

When you go out on the road with Nundah Driving School we will teach you what the Driving Examiners at Queensland Transport and Main Roads are looking for at the time of your practical driving test.

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Road Rules

: Queensland road rules.

Tougher Test: Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

A Relaxed Atmosphere

Our Professional Instructors at Universal Driving School are all easy going people. They like to make sure that you are relaxed, so you can feel confident to learn to drive. We make learning to drive an enjoyable time. Our instructors are calm and patient and will help to make a nervous learner feel safe and confident as well. Before you go for your 1st. Driving Lesson with one of our Instructors, check this out Its a practice learners test you can go online. There is also other helpful information there as well.

Useful skills to help you to pass your test:

* Break your time on the road down into small easy steps. As you drive, focus your attention on what you are doing at the moment.
* When you are approaching a corner, break it down into steps again, such as: Indicate about 3 power poles before the corner, reduce your speed while you are changing down to 2nd gear {in a manual car} ready to take the corner at about 20k/hr.
* Practice your scanning, that is taking the whole picture into consideration. This will help with your position on the road, and the best speed for the situation.
* When practicing hill starts, turn-arounds, and reverse parks, also break these down into easy steps.
* Talking to your Instructor about what you are seeing and going. This is called commentary driving, and is another easy way to keep your mind on your driving.
* If you make a mistake, don’t keep thinking about it all the time, that will only take your mind off concentrating on the road and what you should be doing at the time.

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Nundah Driving School

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