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Every new student with Universal Driving School gets a copy of the”Learners Student Handbook”. It is designed to help you with learning to drive safely and responsibly as well. Included in it, is a progress report sheet for you to take with you on your driving lesson for your Instructor to mark your progress. This will also help with your practice between lessons. With this sheet, your Instructor at Universal Driving school will be able to note how you are going with your driving. Not everything is included in this handbook, however we have included important points that you need to be doing to help you become a better driver. Call the Universal Driving School office for a copy.

Or they can learn to drive with a Licensed Driver who has held an Open Driving License for a minimum of 2 years. They must have their Learners License with them at all times. (Encourage them to keep their Learners License in their wallet and not leave it in the glove box). Every time they practice they will need to have the Black & Yellow Learners Plates.

Universal Driving School CAN be trusted when you are looking for a Driving School in Brisbane. Our driving Instructors cover the Northside and Southside suburbs of Brisbane. All of our driving Instructors are patient and very experienced people. Your Instructor will help to make you feel at ease and relaxed behind the wheel, no matter who you are. Your driving Instructor will support you and guide you right up until you are ready to get your P’s.

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Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

Book a lesson with US to receive OUR Student Handbook

learners Student Handbook

learning to drive with OUR Professional Instructors will help to keep you safe for a life-time of safe driving. Driving safely and responsibly will help to keep your car insurance premiums to a minimum. The tips and points that we teach you, will keep yourself and other people safe from harm, and will help greatly in preventing an accident.Regularly refer to the”learners Student Handbook”.