Driving Tips Brisbane

Driving Tips Brisbane

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Tips on the road

  • Look ahead
    Driving Tips Brisbane will give you very important and practical information. Looking ahead is only one thing that must be taken into consideration, recognising hazards before you get to them. Look ahead as far as you can, not just the car in front of you. You may need to take action if necessary.
  • Take in the BIG PICTURE
    Take in the BIG PICTURE and  move your eyes continually to get as much information as possible. Don’t become complacent with your surroundings. Doing this is when accidents can happen. A defensive driver looks in his mirrors every 10 seconds or so. They do this every time they use their brakes. Maintain maximum visibility around bends etc.
  • You need an emergency plan
    Plan a safe escape route. For example – an open space, an empty footpath or somewhere that is safe. Maintain at least two seconds travelling distance from the car in front of you. At the first sign of a hazard,have your foot over the brake pedal to reduce your reaction time.
  • Be seen to be safe
    Looking around to see if other people and drivers have seen you, is a safe driving habit.
  • Be aware of blind spots
    A shoulder check is always required before moving off from a stationary position. Check over your shoulder, right or left, before changing lanes and merging. Keep side and rear windows clean and clear.
  • Drive to a plan
    Look as far ahead as possible. Ask yourself questions. Do I need to change lanes?. If so, can I be seen by other drivers?. What is ahead that can change what I am doing?. How far ahead is the next turn?. Will I be in the correct lane for the next turn?.
  • Hazard Perception
    Pedestrians, animals, bicycles, other drivers, side streets, buses and trucks, road works, school zones. These are all what we call hazards Recognition. Recognising hazards early is essential. Being aware of hazards is the best way to keep yourself safe on the road using these Driving Tips Brisbane

Book a lesson with US to apply these Driving Tips on the road

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