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Here are some handy hints
from Clayfield Driving School

When you begin having driving lessons with us at Clayfield Driving School, you will learn to handle the car with basic skills like steering, braking, road position, clutch
and gear control [for manual cars].
You will get lots of driving practice in different conditions including moderate traffic,
in peak hour, busy streets,highways,freeways and in bad weather conditions with moderate to heavy traffic.

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A tougher Test Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

Your driving instructor at Clayfield  Driving School will talk about the importance of checking your speed and signs on the roads when you are driving.

The Instructor may ask questions like:

+ Are there school zones?
+ Does the speed limit change?
+ When do you stop to give way?
+ Why do you need to stop or give way?
+ What do you do before stopping or giving way?

Other questions he may ask you like:

+ What is the speed on this street?
+ Do you see the speed sign?
+ What speed are you doing now?

Regarding School zones:

+ Did you see the school zone sign?
+ Are we in the school zone time?
+ What speed should we be doing?
+ Where does the school zone end?

Some More Handy Hints


Do you know the” give way ” rules for roundabouts? Witch lane or lanes do you use?
{remember to always indicate left before going straight ahead at roundabouts} Speed control: You must be able to control your speed close to but not above the speed limit. You must check your speed regularly and watch for speed signs and yellow advisory signs and other road hazards. Reversing: don’t forget to check for children, bicycles, animals,etc. before getting into your vehicle and then recheck again for all those things before moving off.

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