Chermside Driving School

Learning to drive is no mean feat; it takes time to develop the skills necessary to hit the road alone.

Here at Chermside Driving School, we aim to give you the best start to your driving career. With more than 50 years’ experience in the industry, we have seen a lot change. While the driving test was once a lap around the block, today it’s a rigorous assessment that covers all aspects of motor vehicle control.

Over the years, we have taught a wide range of different learner drivers. While many are eager 16-18 year old looking to gain their independence, we have also taught many mothers who have gotten behind the wheel for the first time. In fact, we also helped one grandmother gain her licence in the early days; young and old, we can teach them all.

Nervous drivers are our specialty. If you find getting behind the wheel daunting, you are not alone. It’s perfectly natural to feel a little apprehensive when you first begin to drive. We work to build your confidence – as your nerves fade away, you will find that driving isn’t nearly as scary as you thought it was!

If you’re searching for a driving school in Chermside, Chermside Driving School should be your first port of call. We have taught generations of drivers how to safely navigate Brisbane’s roads – resulting in the successful attainment of their licence.

Our service areas

Chermside Driving School serves the north side of Brisbane, through to Sandgate and even up to Redcliffe. We also serve areas such as Deception Bay, Petrie, Strathpine, Albany Creek, Enoggera, Albion and Ascot; if you’re in Brisbane’s north, we can come to you!

Driving tips

Becoming a great driver is all about practice; the more you get behind the wheel, the more competent you will become.

Here, we share a few tips to help you master some basic driving maneuvers.


If you are planning to park, indicate left at least 30 meters prior to stopping; it’s important you let the cars around you know that you’re going to park.

Unless parking bays indicate otherwise (for example angle parks), park your car parallel to the kerb with the two left wheels approximately 15cm from the gutter. Choose a safe place to park; don’t block driveways and always read any signs to ensure you can legally park in your chosen spot.

Once the car has stopped, engage the foot-brake enough to prevent any roll back. Move the gear stick to neutral, pull up the handbrake and then slowly release the foot-brake. If there is any roll back, you will need to engage the handbrake another notch or two.

Once there is no roll back, put your foot on the foot-brake again and move the gear lever to park (in an automatic).

Moving off

When moving off, start the engine and apply the foot brake, then select D for drive (Auto only)move. Indicate for at least 5 seconds before you leave the curb to warn other drivers around you. Before moving off, check for passing traffic coming from behind you – and don’t forget to check your blind spot (head check). If you are clear to go, accelerate slightly, release the handbrake and then pull carefully out onto the road.

If you are yet to obtain your learners permit, the Queensland Government website has some useful information that explains exactly what you need to do before getting behind the wheel.

Contact Chermside Driving School

If you are ready to learn to drive, make sure you learn from the best. Universal Driving School can provide assistance from your very first drive, right through to honing your skills for the driving test.

We are up to date with all the correct driving methods, ensuring you are well-versed in the safest way to perform all maneuvers. For more information or to book a lesson with our expert instructors, contact us today on 0407 189 833.

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