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Looking for driving lessons at Boondall? You can’t go past Boondall Driving School for reliability. We have been giving driving lessons to learners in the wider Brisbane area for over 50 years now. We CAN be trusted to teach you well, and build your confidence and become a competent driver on the road.
Boondall Driving School  has an excellent reputation for being trustworthy in teaching good safe driving skills that will help to keep our students safe on the road as well as helping them to become confident and competent drivers for the rest of their lives.

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Boondall Driving School has Helpful Hints for Lane Changing:

Treat each lane as a road in it’s own right. Check mirrors. If all is clear indicate for a full 30 metres before allowing your car to move towards the lane line. Re-check mirrors and do a shoulder check for blind spots. If all is clear, drift easily across the lane line. When driving in marked lanes, use the left lane where you can. If you are driving on a 6 lane road you may use the middle lane. Keep your eyes moving and scanning, and don’t allow your eyes to fix on any object for more than 2 seconds. You may lose points in your driving test if you do the following: You stop any drivers progress when you change lanes, or you don’t indicate 30 metres before moving to the lane line, or you don’t keep the car entirely within one lane, or you get too close to parked cars in the left lane. Having lessons with Boondall Driving School can help.

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Queensland driving test a tougher road for learner drivers.

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