Do Not Drive and Pokemon GoPokemon GO players are doing it on the go, they’re even doing it when driving. Watch out for distracted drivers everywhere. There are now more than ever. The phenomenon has once again taken Australia by storm, even in our cars.

This is a great new concept designed to get Gamers out and about. Let’s not play while driving. When stopped at the traffic lights, it might be a huge temptation to capture Pokemon Go character nearby, but at what cost?

Distraction or inattention is now the biggest cause of accidents on our roads. Drink driving was once but distraction has taken over. Our addiction to devices is killing us on the roads, but phones and other devices are a huge part of our lives. We really need to learn how to manage them wisely and responsibly.

You could try turning off the phone but no-one does that. What works is keeping your phone out of reach and out of sight. Put it in your bag or in the glove box. If it’s also on silent and you will never know there is a notification and you definitely won’t know there are Pokemon Go character nearby.

Why would you play Pokemon Go and drive?

Every one knows it is dumb to text and drive; so why would you play Pokemon Go and drive? Getting out and about is great but I think the plan was to have people walking.

Drivers may have heard about text walkers and drink drivers, now make sure to watch out for Pokemon Go drivers as well.

By all means get out and about, do it on the go, just not while driving. Walk and the benefits are great. Drive and it can cost you heaps. It could cost so much more than a few missed Pokemon Go character. Three demerit points and  $300 +. Crashing your car will cost much more. What if you injure someone in an accident, you will remember it for the rest of your life.

Get fit, get social, just please don’t do it while driving.